Where city meets dream -
where soul of the country kitchen
unites - in a dance of warmth

Charming Hornsgatan has finally received the corner it has longed for and missed, a warm neighborhood restaurant beyond life's difficult moments where you are always welcome to eat and drink well, from morning to late evening.


The charming corner everyone has longed for

At Hornsgatan Kvarterskrog & Barservering, you are welcome anytime, any way you like – lively in an arched sofa during a bustling dinner with a crispy rösti and a bottle of Chablis.

Or perhaps sipping a glass of cava at the bar late in the afternoon, enchanted by swaying canary palms before the first lines of a new novel land on the keyboard.

Our four-legged dog friends are also warmly welcome here at Hornsgatan. Don't miss the dog's own menu!


Uncomplicated and loving

On the menu, you'll find notes from the classic, from the country kitchen, from modern home cooking, and the familiar feeling of Southern Europe's simple way of eating.

Pistonhead Rider room

In the Pistonhead Rider Room, you have the opportunity to have your very own rider fulfilled. A rider is a spec and requirement list that is given to the booker at a venue before a band is set to perform there.

You are welcomed through the kitchen, past the butcher's drapes, and into the soon-to-be smoke-filled small bar (the smoke machine tends to run hot...). Here, you can serve yourselves beer and shots with your own taps, and of course, you can also have food, wine, and cocktails if you fancy them.

The bar

Our long beautiful bar stretches from the open kitchen at one short end of the space to the other side, where it ends with a delightful seafood bar. The seats are always open for drop-in and cannot be booked. Enjoy a beer, one of our signature cocktails, or why not a full dinner? The rounded part towards Hornsgatan is perfect for seating more than two.

In our cellar, we are hard at work developing our own flavored spirits, which will be served at the bar under our own label.

Opening hours

  1. Mon
  2. Tue - Thu
  3. Fri - Sat
  4. Sun

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